Free Resource: 10 Ways to Excel as a New Producer

Music production is a hard craft. It requires you to learn a lot of different skills and disciplines. It’s overwhelming. It’s slow.

But it’s also fun. It’s enjoyable. That’s why we do it—we love making music.

And in my experience, it becomes more fun as you get better.

If you’re already a pro, then you know what I’m talking about. You’ve got over the hump. The struggle. You can sit down and work with ease and fluency.

If you’re a new producer, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take to get to that stage…

It’s not just about the hours…

I’ve heard terrible music from producers who’ve been at it for 5+ years, and great music from producers who’ve been producing for less than a year.

It’s not that the former don’t have natural talent, or that the latter are just “lucky.” That would be a nice story, but it’s simply not the case. There are better explanations for why some producers excel and progress quickly while others don’t.

Yes, the hours matter, but they aren’t the defining factor. What you DO with those hours matters more. Are you practicing deliberately? Are you learning the right things? Are you actually focused on what you’re doing during those hours?

These are all things that need to be taken into account.

Free PDF: 10 Ways to Excel as a New Producer

If you’re new to production (or simply want to pore over some helpful ideas and tips), then I’ve got something awesome for you.

It’s a free PDF containing 10 tips that will help you excel (and progress quickly) as a producer.

DOWNLOAD PDF You’ll learn:

  • Why creative struggle is normal (and why it’s actually a good thing)…
  • Why goals are important but not enough (and what to use alongside them)…
  • The one thing you need to be aware of as a new producer (it will save you a lot of time and pain)…

Among other things.