The Art of Pitching (and Why Producers Need to Learn it)

Note: before you watch this video, I highly recommend reading Budi’s article: The Artist’s Guide to Getting More Fans (on Social Media). A lot of the concepts he covers are fundamental and should be understood before learning how to pitch.

“Good music markets itself when it’s been exposed to X amount of people.” – Budi Voogt

It’s all there.

You have good music.

You might even have a small-medium sized following.

But you just aren’t getting heard. Sure, there are a few people supporting you and sharing your music, but you know it’s not enough. It’s not what you deserve.

The modern producer must leverage external channels and audiences in order to build their profile. The only way to gain this leverage is to pitch those channels and audiences…

…and this is where my good friend Budi Voogt enters the picture. He’s offering you a sneak peek at one of the videos from The Music Marketing Academy called The Art of Pitching. 

You’ll learn:

  • What constitutes a good pitch?
  • When is the right time to pitch?
  • What NOT to do when pitching
  • How to craft the perfect email pitch
  • Warm vs cold pitching

Note: this is a long video (over 30 minutes), so be sure to take notes.

You’ve learned how to pitch – what’s next?

When you look at music marketing as a whole, pitching is only one part of the equation. A fundamental part, of course, but still only a part.

To promote yourself and your music effectively, you need to know about a few other things.

Budi has kindly put together a free three-part video series on music marketing. These videos are not pithy, light-hearted videos that lack substance – they’re comprehensive and inspire you to take action.

Click here to get access to the free video series.