An Interview with Tony Junior: Touring the U.S., Working Hard, and Giving Back.

Fresh into his U.S. tour, Tony Junior continues to turn heads in the EDM world.  With his recently released Its a Copy EP and his growing collection of music and instructional videos on YouTube, if you haven’t heard Tony’s music yet, you can bet you will soon.

I am pleased to have had the chance to chat with Tony.  Aside from being a great producer, Tony’s a great guy who really cares about giving back and helping new and upcoming producers reach their dreams.

I hope you enjoy!

What made you want to start making music and get into production? What has that journey been like up until now?

I’ve been a drummer and played in bands a lot. My father was a drummer himself and he taught me how to play at a young age. Once my band broke up I decided to work on my own music. Eventually that led to me making house music.

The journey has been amazing, I get to do what I like the most, travel the world and meet some amazing people.

You recently started your US tour? Congratulations! What was the biggest challenge you faced getting to this point? What do you look forward to most about playing for your fans in the US?

Thanks, I’m still in the USA while doing this interview 😉 The biggest challenge would be working hard and to never give up on your dreams. I think every DJ will experience some ups and downs, but the most important thing is to never give up and keep on going!

I love The US, the people here are really going hard on the music I play, so it’s an amazing crowd to play for! I’m always happy to be back here!

A lot of producers struggle with creative block. Does creative block affect you, and if so, how do you deal with it?

Of course, every artist who is doing something creative experiences it. It’s not a 9 to 5 job. I had some creative blocks a couple of years ago, but at the moment I’m not experiencing it, thank god.

The only way to deal with it is work harder and try things you never tried before. It can be very frustrating, but like I said, don’t give up and keep on going.

You recently released your It’s a Copy EP. What inspired it? What are some sound design tricks you used on the EP?

I work a lot in the studio, trying to come up with new sounds and new stuff. I get influences and inspiration from a lot of different things.

It’s hard to write down the sound design tricks I use. If you guys want to see how I work in the studio, check out my YouTube channel. Here you can find a studio tutorial about how I made “Facedbased”. Fans were able to send over questions and I tried to answer them as best as possible. Besides working on my own career and my own music, I’m always looking for new talent.

It seems you really enjoy helping newer producers. How did this start, and what is your motivation for doing so?

Yeah I do! I remember when I started, it was hard to get heard or noticed by the big guys. Back then I had to do it all by myself. I know how difficult it is and can be. I didn’t have someone who was teaching me how to do it. Now I’m on a certain level where I can help new and upcoming talent, and I’m happy to do so. You can’t help everybody, but at least I can try right? 😉

What three pieces of advice would you give to producers who are just getting started?

1. Work hard,

2. Don’t give up,

3. Keep on going!

The competition is hard, and there are so many producers and DJ’s out there at the moment. Try to make something different, something new, and of course, don’t forget to send me your new stuff ;). I’m always trying to listen to the demo’s that I get. It can take a while because of touring and my own time in the studio, but if like it I’ll get back to you!

I also launched a new website where producers can download my sample pack and see my studio tutorials. You can upload your demo there as well for me to listen!

You’re stranded on an island and can only take your laptop, DAW, and two plugins with you.  What would those two plugins be??

Nexus and the FabFilter bundle. Those are some powerful plugins!

Thanks again Tony!  Where can people find you online?

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