How Important is Music Theory?

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importance of music theory

Some of you may know that I’m a frequent user on Reddit. More specifically, the edmproduction sub. Recently I posted a discussion type thread asking for people’s opinions on the importance of music theory in electronic dance music production. Though there were a few differing views, the majority of people came to the same conclusion that it was in fact … Read More

Review: Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor from Minimal System

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Last week we reviewed the Dreamscape Space Generator, also from Minimal System. We came to the conclusion that the Dreamscape was one of the best reverb plugins in its price range, and as would be expected – the Tri-Comp also lives up to this standard! The Tri-Comp is a simple and effective mixing and mastering tool. The problem with having … Read More

50 Effective Tips for Improving Your Mixdown Quality, Workflow, and Mixing Knowledge

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Photo Credit: NRG Recording Studios via Compfight cc Want to improve your overall production workflow? Check out my book.  Mixing down a track is just one of the many things required in music production, though more of a ‘technical’ craft – it’s still certainly creative, and it plays a huge part in music as a whole. If you’re a bedroom … Read More