The Definitive Guide to Automation in Electronic Dance Music

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Before the software revolution; mix engineers who wanted something to change at some point in the song had to manually move faders and knobs as the song was being recorded. Nowadays we use automation. If we want something to change at a given point, or over time, then we can simply draw in a few points and be done with it. It’s fast, it’s easy, … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Build-ups

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One key feature of electronic dance music is build-ups. They certainly exist in other genres of music (outside dance music), but in EDM, the use of build-ups is highly important. Dance music relies on three main elements: tension, energy, and groove. What do build-ups create? Tension. In this post, I’ll share everything you need to know about crafting the perfect … Read More

Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

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There’s a time in every producer’s life where he or she (yes, there are female producers) gets pummelled by the endless advertising and enticements that are a result of Black Friday. This is of course, a good time for most of us, as we like things that are heavily discounted. But it can be a little overwhelming. The aim of … Read More