The Ultimate Guide to Drum Programming

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Want to learn more composition and arrangement tactics? You might like my book.  It’s been a while since I wrote an “Ultimate Guide”, or mega-post. The last one, I believe, was on writing better and more memorable melodies which many of you found helpful. This time around, we’re looking at an area of music production that’s just as important—if not … Read More

5 Tips for Working With Drums

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There’s no denying the importance of drums in electronic dance music. Along with bass, they play the vital role of creating groove. In The Ultimate Guide to Creating Better and More Memorable Melodies I stated that melody was less important than groove in EDM. I say this because melodies do not make people dance, groove does. In this post I’m going to … Read More

Sampling & Creating Tech House Drum Fills

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My favorite genre of music other than trance is probably tech house/techno. There’s just something about the groove, bass, percussion; the build-ups, everything! When people ask me how they can improve groove in their productions, regardless of whichever genre they’re making I always recommend making a tech house track or two. You’ll learn heaps. Anyway, in this post we’ll be … Read More