Learn how to make a progressive house track from start to finish.

Other than actually doing and practicing, the best way to learn is by watching someone else work.

This collection of 8 videos is a fully-narrated walkthrough where I, Sam Matla, show you how to make a modern progressive house track from scratch in Ableton Live 9.

Think of it like me being in your studio providing you with tips...except I'm there in spirit, not physically. Just pretend I'm there.

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What You'll Learn

Broken up into 8 individual videos, the walkthrough covers...

Part 1 - Idea Generation

Good music relies on solid fundamental ideas. In part 1, I write a chord progression, melody, and bassline.

Part 2 - Layering

Layering can be difficult to get your head around. We'll look at a few layering techniques while adding a bit extra to the chord and melody leads.

Part 3 - Arrangement & Structure

A loop has been made - now it's time to arrange. In this video, I add in some drums and sketch out the basic arrangement.

Part 4 - Buildup

A dance track is only as good as its buildup. In this video, I show you how to craft a tension-inducing buildup.

Part 5 - Breakdown

There's nothing worse than a breakdown. Part 5 involves adding a few extra sounds to spice things up.

Part 6 - Mix Preparation

Few people prepare for a mixdown. In this video, I explain the benefits to doing so while preparing the project for mixing.

Part 7 - Mixing

A good mix starts with good source material, which we've found, but it's always good to clean a few things up.

Part 8 - Automation & Quick Master

I share my automation workflow and give the track a quick master for loudness. We're done!

Track Overview

Want a sneak peak of the project? Watch the video below.

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STF: Modern Progressive House

  • 3+ hour modern progressive house track walkthrough
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Sam Matla

I'm the founder of EDMProd, a project I started after several years of producing electronic music. I have a passion for seeing people experience the same joy I and others have experienced through creating music, and that manifests itself in blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and courses just like this one.

As for the generic non-music-related stuff - I live in the windiest city in the world (it's true), enjoy a good beer, and... actually that's about it.

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