Task-Based Music Production – Overcome Creative Blocks, Push Through Boundaries, and Get Stuff Done

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  Some say that art should flow, that it shouldn’t be forced, but rather, freely release itself from the mind and soul. This is all well and good, yes, but what about when it doesn’t? Do we wait? Wait months on end? Surely there’s an alternative? I think there is. It’s what I like to call ‘task-based’ music production. Sounds … Read More

Clever Use of Multisamples: Sampler, Racks and Macros in Ableton Live

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Most sample packs these days contain folders of multi-samples; usually, the ‘multi’ aspect is that the sounds that have been recorded at multiple pitches, which is great because it means you have access to a wider range of playable pitches without having to resort to extreme pitch-shifting! It is pretty common practice to take instrument multi-samples, and ‘map’ them across … Read More