Bjorn Akesson — Listening To Your Creative Instinct

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In this 35th episode of The EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla chats with legendary trance artist Bjorn Akesson. A veteran of music production, Bjorn takes us through his journey from starting with simple software and hardware through until today, and offers valuable advice for novice and skilled producers alike. Having perfected his sound while freely experimenting with it, he shares extremely … Read More

Pushing the Boundaries with Zac Waters

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It speaks volumes for the talent of a producer when they can create across multiple styles and genres, and in Episode 32 of the EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla sits down with Zac Waters who has masterfully done exactly that. Pioneering his own sound fusing Melbourne influences with other genres like trance, and even recently having a majorly successful psy-trance release … Read More

Musical Composition and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Rules

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One very common theme that I see around the place, especially in the EDM production community is that rules aren’t important. Forget about rules, just produce music. Forget about genres, just make music. While I think this is absolutely great, quite frankly, I can’t fully agree with it. Before reading what I’ve written in this article, you’ve got to realize … Read More