Song Analysis: Flume – Never Be Like You

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He’s young, he’s a genius, and he’s a pioneer. I remember the first time hearing Holding On’. There was just something about it. I loved it. I played it at every gig and everyone else loved it too. In this week’s analysis, we’ll be looking at one of his more recent tracks, Never Be Like You ft. Kai. It’s a little bit shorter than … Read More

Song Analysis: Above & Beyond – Walter White

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“This week’s Record of the Week is a tune inspired by the lead TV series Breaking Bad. He starts out nice, has a revelation and then breaks bad. Just like the tune.” – A&B It’s one of the best TV shows of all time. But have you heard the song that goes with it? Walter White was first premiered during Group … Read More

Song Analysis: Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

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The world is a strange place. The first song analysis that I published two weeks ago was on Porter Robinson’s Divinity. The second? Pay No Mind by Madeon ft. Passion Pit. No more than two days after posting the Madeon analysis, a collaboration between him and Porter Robinson comes out. I had at least three people tell me that that had to be the … Read More

Song Analysis: Madeon ft. Passion Pit – Pay No Mind

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I thought it would be nice to let the EDMProd Artist Community vote for the next song analysis. I wrote up a post, encouraged suggestions in the comments, and stated that the most “liked” comment (out of the first ten) would win. Jack Murray (who is part of the EDMProd team), had the most liked comment. His suggestion was Madeon ft. Passion Pit – Pay … Read More

Song Analysis: Porter Robinson – Divinity

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In December 2013, just 6 months after I started EDMProd, I posted the first ever song analysis. It was a short overview of Mat Zo’s Lucid Dreams from his album Damage Control, which had come out that year. A few months later, another song analysis post was published. But then, other things got in the way and they suddenly stopped. Now, almost three years later, … Read More