Workflow Foundations is Open for Enrollment

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Over the past few months, Connor O’Brien and I have been hard at work on a course called Workflow Foundations. It started as a result of a simple survey. What were producers struggling with the most? We sifted through hundreds of responses and found that most producers struggle with three main things: Writing good ideas and building around them (in other words: … Read More

EDM Foundations is Open for Enrollment

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Last year, October 2016, I launched a new course called EDM Foundations. I had no idea what to expect. Would it be helpful? Would students actually benefit from it? After all, the course concept was unique: action-oriented without a ton of theory (like many other online courses). Maybe it was too fast-paced for people? But then the emails and comments flowed … Read More

Announcing Start to Finish: Future House Edition

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It was January 2014. I get a message from a friend asking if I’m familiar with a producer who goes by the name Hyperbits. I wasn’t, so I checked him out. Wow. This guy is good. Fast forward to today, May 2016, and we’ve launched a product together. Where it all began I had Hyperbits on for Episode 15 of the EDM Prodcast, … Read More

Announcing Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance Edition

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In January, I launched the first ever Start to Finish course. The idea was to detail the creation of a modern progressive house track from start to finish. In other words, recording myself producing a progressive house track and explaining every step of the process. People loved it, and I got a ton of great feedback. A few weeks after launching it, … Read More