EDM Foundations is Open for Enrollment

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Last year, October 2016, I launched a new course called EDM Foundations. I had no idea what to expect. Would it be helpful? Would students actually benefit from it? After all, the course concept was unique: action-oriented without a ton of theory (like many other online courses). Maybe it was too fast-paced for people? But then the emails and comments flowed … Read More

Announcing Start to Finish: Future House Edition

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It was January 2014. I get a message from a friend asking if I’m familiar with a producer who goes by the name Hyperbits. I wasn’t, so I checked him out. Wow. This guy is good. Fast forward to today, May 2016, and we’ve launched a product together. Where it all began I had Hyperbits on for Episode 15 of the EDM Prodcast, … Read More

Announcing Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance Edition

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In January, I launched the first ever Start to Finish course. The idea was to detail the creation of a modern progressive house track from start to finish. In other words, recording myself producing a progressive house track and explaining every step of the process. People loved it, and I got a ton of great feedback. A few weeks after launching it, … Read More

Introducing ToneDen’s New Mobile App

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When you combine the number of new music projects that are being created daily with the fact that SoundCloud has over 12 hours of audio being uploaded to it every minute, choosing what to listen to next is getting harder to do. ToneDen’s free music sharing app lets your favorite artists and friends send you new music – letting them do … Read More