Marcus Santoro — The Importance Of Analytical Listening

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Some producers shy away from branching out of their comfort zone, while Marcus Santoro has thrived under the pressure of reinventing his sound. From monstrous progressive house to emotional progressive trance, Marcus has carried his style between genres flawlessly – and plans to continue to do so. While there might not be one singular reason for his success, this interview … Read More

Stephen Kirkwood — Approaching Education Holistically

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Have you ever felt as if you could be doing more with your music, or life in general? One look at Stephen Kirkwood’s accomplishments across different ventures may send you running, or, inspire you to be as productive as him. There’s much to be said about a person who is a successful entrepreneur while actively releasing his own music, engineering … Read More

Bjorn Akesson — Listening To Your Creative Instinct

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In this 35th episode of The EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla chats with legendary trance artist Bjorn Akesson. A veteran of music production, Bjorn takes us through his journey from starting with simple software and hardware through until today, and offers valuable advice for novice and skilled producers alike. Having perfected his sound while freely experimenting with it, he shares extremely … Read More

Noah Neiman – Being Realistic About Your Music Career

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Noah Neiman is a full-time doctor and producer. How does he do it? I don’t know. He doesn’t just “manage” to produce alongside a demanding job, he excels at it. His latest release “Toldja So”, a collaboration with vocalist Anna Yvette that’s found its home on the renowned Revealed Recordings is a prime example of that. And he’s back on … Read More