Audiofreq — Becoming A Disciplined Music Producer

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The EDM Prodcast has prided itself on having a diverse selection of artists, yet oddly enough episode 41’s guest is the first from the Hardstyle end of the electronic music spectrum. Sam Matla sits down with the prolific Sam Gonzalez, better known to the world as Audiofreq. Considering his impressive discography, as well as his own series of invaluable tutorials … Read More

Sean Tyas — Mastering The Art Of Sound Design

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Continuing the trend of legendary guests from the trance realm on the EDM Prodcast, this episode we are joined by Sean Tyas. Recently releasing his multi-genre album, Degenerate, Sean has become an icon in the trance community as one of the strongest sound designers. It is no surprise that this interview covers a heap of technical knowledge, from masterfully crafting … Read More

Andy Moor — Creating Depth In Electronic Music

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Grammy nominee, label founder, and production extraordinaire are some of the titles associated with Andy Moor, but legendary is likely the word you would choose to describe him. This episode of The EDM Prodcast jumps into a loaded conversation about production techniques and workflow, as well as general life and career advice from this truly impressive musician. An absolute must … Read More

Marcus Santoro — The Importance Of Analytical Listening

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Some producers shy away from branching out of their comfort zone, while Marcus Santoro has thrived under the pressure of reinventing his sound. From monstrous progressive house to emotional progressive trance, Marcus has carried his style between genres flawlessly – and plans to continue to do so. While there might not be one singular reason for his success, this interview … Read More

Stephen Kirkwood — Approaching Education Holistically

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Have you ever felt as if you could be doing more with your music, or life in general? One look at Stephen Kirkwood’s accomplishments across different ventures may send you running, or, inspire you to be as productive as him. There’s much to be said about a person who is a successful entrepreneur while actively releasing his own music, engineering … Read More