Finding Your Niche & Maintaining Positivity With Ryos

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Today’s guest on The EDM Prodcast has stormed onto the progressive house scene under his alias Ryos. We discuss a variety of topics such as his rapid success, the ups and downs he’s faced along the way, and how he’s sculpted his unique sound. Listen on iTunes | Listen on Soundcloud What we talk about: The importance of learning music … Read More

What It Takes To Make It In Music with Conro

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Many talk about sacrifice, but how many producers can you think of have moved to a farm just to have a studio to pursue their dream? Today’s guest on The EDM Prodcast, Conro, has truly gone all-in to successfully achieve his dream. We talk about his journey, what it’s taken to get where he is today including the ups and … Read More

Making Unique Pop Music & Producing Full Time with Fabian Mazur

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Denmark’s platinum-credited Fabian Mazur is a household name in trap music, continually pushing the boundaries of his sound. In today’s episode of The EDM Prodcast, we look at the routine Mazur has created to sustain his artistry, his creative processes in making unique music, and the importance of experimentation. Listen on iTunes | Listen on Soundcloud What we talk about: … Read More

Prioritizing Quality Music & Taking Initiative with Hellberg

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One of the most prolific producers under the always impressive Monstercat imprint is today’s EDM Prodcast guest, Hellberg. As a full time musician, Hellberg has blown us away with an impressive discography of originals and remixes supported by the industry’s largest taste-makers. In this episode, we cover everything from building a proper musical foundation as a producer, to marketing, to … Read More