How to Develop Your Own Unique Sound

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A few years ago I was travelling in the car with my family. We were listening to the radio station and a new song came on. My Brother asked me, “Sam, who’s this song by?” I hadn’t heard it before, but I already knew. “It’s by Metallica.” Sure enough, as the song ended the radio DJ stated¬†the title of the … Read More

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Becoming a Great Producer

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There’s one thing that every music producer desires, regardless of whether they view their craft as hobby or profession. Progress. We all want to improve. We want to make better music, not only for other people to enjoy it, but so we can gain access to the joy that comes from progress. That’s what this article is for. It’s a … Read More

Becoming a Music Producer – What You Need to Know

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5 years ago after buying a trance & dance compilation CD I decided I wanted to produce music. There was something magical about the way music was created, and being a musician already I thought it’d be an easy path to take. Like any normal person I went to Google to find out how to get started and what I … Read More

Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

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There’s a time in every producer’s life where he or she (yes, there are female producers) gets pummelled by the endless advertising and enticements that are a result of Black Friday. This is of course, a good time for most of us, as we like things that are heavily discounted. But it can be a little overwhelming. The aim of … Read More

100 Essential Tips for the New Producer

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I’ve been wanting to do another over-the-top post with a horrendous amount of tips for a while now. The last one was on mixing. This one’s aimed more at the new producer who might be a little confused or overwhelmed with the whole thing. Of course, I don’t expect all these tips to apply to everyone. In fact, some may … Read More