Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

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There’s a time in every producer’s life where he or she (yes, there are female producers) gets pummelled by the endless advertising and enticements that are a result of Black Friday. This is of course, a good time for most of us, as we like things that are heavily discounted. But it can be a little overwhelming. The aim of … Read More

100 Essential Tips for the New Producer

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I’ve been wanting to do another over-the-top post with a horrendous amount of tips for a while now. The last one was on mixing. This one’s aimed more at the new producer who might be a little confused or overwhelmed with the whole thing. Of course, I don’t expect all these tips to apply to everyone. In fact, some may … Read More

Starting Electronic Music Production on a Budget

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If there’s one thing that’s absolutely, 100% true in this world we live in – it’s the fact that working in any creative field involves a fair amount of investment. Electronic music production is no different. In fact, back in the day – only the wealthy were able to produce music. It involved going into a high-end studio, and recording with … Read More