36 Production Tips from Future House Artists

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In March, we launched Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance. Next month (May), we’re launching a very special edition of Start to Finish with renowned producer Hyperbits. The genre of that upcoming course is future house, so I figured it’d be a great idea to get in touch with a bunch of future house producers and ask them for a production tip … Read More

10 Myths That Most Music Producers Believe Are True

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It’s a cold Winters day. I sit down with a cup of tea to begin my productive evening routine, which involves a little bit of YouTube and a lot of YouTube. Naturally, I find myself watching something about music production. It was one of those “track breakdown” videos, where the producers runs through one of their tracks, explaining how they achieved X and … Read More

8 Trance Maestros Share Their Production Tips

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What makes a high quality track? Is layering important? How should you approach your low-end?  The world of electronic music production is complex and challenging, hence why this blog exists. But I know you get sick of me writing all the time, so the EDMProd team got in touch with a bunch of professional trance artists and asked if they could … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Remixing

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If you’ve ever wondered… “Where do I find stems for remixing?” “What’s the best way to pitch an artist or label for a remix opportunity?” “How do I START a remix?” “Are bootlegs at all legal?” Then you’re in luck, because I just published The Ultimate Guide to Remixing. It’s a FREE, all-encompassing guide that will provide you with an array of … Read More