10 Takeaways from 50 Episodes

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In August 2015, I started the Prodcast. Why? Because there wasn’t anything decent out there for producers. And also because it sounded like a fun thing to do. I talked to my friend Levi Whalen and he came on as co-host. The plan was to do one episode with him, and then another episode as an interview with a guest, … Read More

Free Resource: 10 Ways to Excel as a New Producer

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Music production is a hard craft. It requires you to learn a lot of different skills and disciplines. It’s overwhelming. It’s slow. But it’s also fun. It’s enjoyable. That’s why we do it—we love making music. And in my experience, it becomes more fun as you get better. If you’re already a pro, then you know what I’m talking about. … Read More

15 Mental Models All Producers Should Know About

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“A mental model is an explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world. It is a representation of the surrounding world, the relationships between its various parts and a person’s intuitive perception about his or her own acts and their consequences. Mental models can help shape behaviour and set an approach to solving problems (akin … Read More

5 Things I’d Tell Myself as a New Producer

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Sam, You like electronic music. That’s great. You want to learn to make it. That’s also great. This will eventually consume your life. You will build a career out of it. But you will waste a lot of time along the way. That is, unless you take my advice. So here it is… #1 – Don’t waste time seeking validation … Read More