Making Music Full Time & Developing Ideas Into Songs With WRLD

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David Lawson better known in the electronic music scene as WRLD is one of the most promising young talents, having released with renowned record labels such as Monstercat and reaching massive promotional platforms like Mr.SuicideSheep at just the age of eighteen. Now focusing on music full time, he is living what many producers consider to be the dream. In this … Read More

3 Tips for Better Song Arrangements

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If you’re like me, chances are you probably jumped into all the exciting stuff early on; the fancy mix techniques, the complex sound design, you know the deal. Sure, it’s fun, but by doing this you ignore the fundamentals and ultimately end up wondering why your music isn’t up to par. One of these commonly disregarded fundamentals is arrangement, or structure.  Today, these two … Read More

37 Ways to Discover New Song Ideas

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“All your ideas may be solid or even good..but you have to actually execute on them for them to matter.” – Gary Vaynerchuk The above quote is 100% true. Ideas mean nothing if you don’t develop them. But what if you can’t come up with ideas in the first place? After all, you can’t execute on something that doesn’t exist. And let’s … Read More

36 Production Tips from Future House Artists

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In March, we launched Start to Finish: Uplifting Trance. Next month (May), we’re launching a very special edition of Start to Finish with renowned producer Hyperbits. The genre of that upcoming course is future house, so I figured it’d be a great idea to get in touch with a bunch of future house producers and ask them for a production tip … Read More