Getting the Most out of Your Reference Tracks

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– “Reference tracks, huh? What are they?” – “Oh reference tracks, c’mon this is old news.” – “I already know what reference tracks are and have been using them for ages.” Above are some of the questions I expect people to ask in their head when reading the title of this post. Fortunately, I’ve written it for everyone, so you … Read More

Two Minute Tips: Tease the Listener!

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two minute tips

Often people complain about their music sounding too ‘boring’, or lifeless – not heading anywhere. There’s many ways to overcome this, especially by building tension and release (which we’ll talk about in future articles). But a nice little trick to do is tease your main melody or idea; earlier in the song. Read also: 5 Ways to Add Spice to Your … Read More

Sidechaining Effects and Adding Atmosphere to a Synth in Ableton Live

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One of the most important techniques to learn in music production is sidechain compression. Many people have a love/hate relationship with it due to the fact that it’s often overused, especially by newer producers. Despite this, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a powerful tool to use for being creative and/or improving the mix. In this post, we’re going … Read More

Build Better Melodies by using Call and Response

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Call and Response

Many people struggle with getting a nice melody. Whether it’s lack of musical knowledge, an untrained ear, or the fact that it sounds too similar to every other song; it’s definitely a common problem. One thing that can help boost creativity and allow you to come up with something exciting, is call and response. And it means exactly that – … Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding Ear Fatigue while Mixing

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ear fatigue

What is ‘Ear Fatigue?’ Though not a clinically recognized state, ear fatigue generally occurs after listening to or working with audio, especially at high volumes. Some people experience soreness of the ears, but not everyone. The fact of the matter is – mixing with fatigued ears is going to introduce a number of problems. You may have to re-do your … Read More