Why Music Theory Matters

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Composing without music theory is like mixing a song without EQ. It’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s why music theory matters. The main problem with ignoring theory is that, chances are, you’ve grown up surrounded by Western music. And your ears probably prefer Western music. So the music you inherently prefer will follow the rules of Western music. … Read More

Distortion Workshop Part 1 – Saturation

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Before getting into the art of electronic music production, I played electric guitar. 95% of the time I would have the overdrive activated on my pitiful, 10 watt amp. Why? Because I love distortion! It wasn’t until later that I learnt how powerful and useful distortion was in music production. Whether it’s adding some slight characteristic to your sound, or … Read More

Sound Design Space: How to Make a Self-Modulating Riser in NI Massive

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There’s been quite a bit of demand for tutorials on effects and build-up sounds, so I thought I’d finally get around to making one! In this video/post we’ll be looking at how we can create a self-modulating saw/square riser in Massive. Now you might be wondering – why self-modulating? Having a self-modulated patch eliminates the need for automation clips and can allow … Read More

Mixdown Mastery: FAQs About Mixing #1

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So I noticed there are quite a few common questions that arise in various communities around the internet (forums, message boards, Facebook, etc.). Some of these questions are in-depth and require a full-blown article or tutorial, others are much more simple and can be answered with a few sentences. So instead of having a standard Mixdown Mastery tutorial or article, … Read More

Resource: Free Ableton Live 9 Production Template

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As mention in the video, a while back I published a Two Minute Tip video where I suggested to finish the arrangement first if struggling to finish tracks. In one of the comments below, someone asked for an Ableton template which I said I’d create (and also completely forgot about). So here it is! Download the template here. If you’ve … Read More