An Interview with Julian Jordan: Staying Passionate and Creating the Music You Want to Create.

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From his incredible production skills to his ever-developing and energetic live sets, Julian Jordan is one artist who is in for the long run.   With his enthusiastic attitude and forward thinking mindset, Julian continues to satisfy fans and music lovers around the globe! I’m super pleased to be able to share this interview with all of you, I hope … Read More

5 Things I’d Tell Myself as a New Producer

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Sam, You like electronic music. That’s great. You want to learn to make it. That’s also great. This will eventually consume your life. You will build a career out of it. But you will waste a lot of time along the way. That is, unless you take my advice. So here it is… #1 – Don’t waste time seeking validation … Read More

An Interview with Tony Junior: Touring the U.S., Working Hard, and Giving Back.

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Fresh into his U.S. tour, Tony Junior continues to turn heads in the EDM world.  With his recently released Its a Copy EP and his growing collection of music and instructional videos on YouTube, if you haven’t heard Tony’s music yet, you can bet you will soon. I am pleased to have had the chance to chat with Tony.  Aside from being a great producer, Tony’s a great guy … Read More

Song Analysis: Flume – Never Be Like You

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He’s young, he’s a genius, and he’s a pioneer. I remember the first time hearing Holding On’. There was just something about it. I loved it. I played it at every gig and everyone else loved it too. In this week’s analysis, we’ll be looking at one of his more recent tracks, Never Be Like You ft. Kai. It’s a little bit shorter than … Read More