Workflow Foundations is Open for Enrollment

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Over the past few months, Connor O’Brien and I have been hard at work on a course called Workflow Foundations. It started as a result of a simple survey. What were producers struggling with the most? We sifted through hundreds of responses and found that most producers struggle with three main things: Writing good ideas and building around them (in other words: … Read More

7 Actionable Strategies to Grow Your Musical Output

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Let me guess. You’ve read somewhere that quantity leads to quality. You know the best thing you can do to improve as a producer is to make more music—to increase your output. But you’re not sure how to actually do that. You get that you’re supposed to be making more music, you’re just not sure how to make more music. You still suffer from … Read More

Free Resource: Song Finishing Checklist

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You’ve been working on a song for weeks. Hours have been spent making sure you have the right sounds and instruments. Every note has been meticulously placed. You’ve been tweaking more than your friend Hollow Harold who lives down at the train station. But you just can’t seem to finish it. There’s this nagging feeling that it’s not quite there … Read More