Q&A Episode – Making Money, Balancing Work & Music, and Learning Sound Design

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Hello everyone. In this episode, I sit down with EDMProd’s Product Manager Connor, author of the Ableton Workflow Bible. We take on some questions about topics such as making a living off of music, making music while working full time, and the real way to learn sound design. Direct Download Link Right-click and select “Save Link As…” Listen on Soundcloud … Read More

Introducing: The Ableton Workflow Bible

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When you enter Ableton Live for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s a bunch of knobs, controls, meters, numbers, icons… …it’s like trying to drive a manual transmission car for the first time (except it’s a lot safer because you can’t drive Ableton Live into another object or human being). But over the period of a few … Read More

Ian Shepherd: The Loudness War—How to Fight It Properly

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Here’s what I remember… I’d export the final version of my song. I’d spent hours upon hours making sure it sounded good. I was happy. Then, I’d jump on my decks and try to mix it in with everything else. I wasn’t happy. It was too quiet. I tried everything I could to get it louder. None of it worked. When … Read More