Ark Patrol on Having High Standards, Panning and Stereo Widening

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Apologies for the short break in episodes. I’m back! What better way to kick things off again than an epic interview with Portland-based producer Ark Patrol. In this interview, we talk about his workflow, the difference between producing an album versus a single, the importance of having high standards while avoiding perfectionism, and also his latest album “Primo” which is … Read More

Hyperbits on Mixdowns, Layering, and Making Music Your Life

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We’re now at episode 15 of the EDM Prodcast. 15 isn’t a special number. It’s not 25, which is a quarter of 100, and it’s not 10, which is the first two-digit number, but it’s a nice number nonetheless. Fortunately, this week’s guest is A LOT more interesting than the number 15. His name is Serik Slobodskoy, and he produces … Read More