15 Ways to Create Musical Ideas and Crush Creative Block

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I think creative block, writer’s block, whatever you want to call it – is nonsense. I truly believe that. Professionals don’t give it a second thought, it’s their job. Why should it be any different for you? If you’re passionate about making music, then act like it. That’s easier said than done, of course, which is why I’ve put together … Read More

Releasing on a Label vs. Going it Alone

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Putting your own music out there in many different formats (digital or physical) is getting much easier these days. With so many options open for those who wish to self-release their music, there’s a relevant question that needs to be asked. Should I release my own music or put it out on a label? When we talk about labels here, … Read More

How to Cheat at Producing: 7 Quickstart Tips

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This is a guest post written by Oliver Cox. Oliver is a featured writed for Blue Label Records, a multi-genre record label currently accepting demos at: [email protected]  Without talent, drive, and ideas, no producer will make truly good music, but I’m here to tell you how to make those ideas sound good, make that talent work, and use that drive … Read More

The August Loop Challenge Round-up Post

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As many of you know, the August Loop Challenge took place last month. The goal of the challenge was to spend 20 minutes per day creating an 8-bar loop. No more, no less. Participants could choose to upload their loops to a dedicated Soundcloud group for the challenge or keep them private. This post contains all the appropriately submitted loops in the … Read More